Thursday, 11 April 2013

Meeting Mad Frankie Fraser.

I know this post isn't the usual for my blog, but I have been given the opportunity to go and meet Mad Frankie Fraser. I have been talking to his son, David, on the phone today and he is planning to bring his dad to The Blind Beggar pub in white chapel So we can meet him, have a drink and a chat.

Now, before I get flamed  I don't condone in anyway the things that Frankie has done in the passed but my curiosity is getting the better of me and I want to meet this man. I will try and keep it brief by saying we can't stay long etc.

I do want to check out White Chapel and all the places I've read about so many times in books about The Krays.

I will take some pictures when I go and post them up here. Wish me luck!!!


I did change my mind about meeting Frankie. It took me a while to have a good old think about it and an inner fight. But to conclude, I couldn't sit and have a nice chat with a murderer/torturer, It's so very wrong on a million levels.

I will, however, still be going to White Chapel for a mooch.


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