Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fruit Tea, Thatchers Funeral and a Wounded cat!

Hello Bloggersville!

 So today was Thatchers funeral, there has been so much in the news about this (obviously) and it seems like EVERYONE has an opinion. Not just an opinion but a fierce opinion, either one way or the other. For or against her. 

Me? I just have no opinion really, I can see both sides of the argument. The only think I do feel fairly strongly about is respect. Respect for her grieving family. Respect for the people she helped. Respect that she did do some positive things for our Country but mostly, Respect for an old lady who suffered from dementia, whos health has been declining for what seems like forever. 
Turning up to some ones funeral just to sneer and boo, and shout obscenities is beyond distasteful. Anyway, onto a more positive note!

Fruit Tea!!

I used to drink fruit teas in my teens but went off them, but now I am fully in love with them again!! I have purchased a Blackberry and Nettle tea and also Orange, Mango and Cinnamon tea. And let me tell you, they are seriously gorgeous. I'm glad I like something else because I have been fully addicted to my Nespresso since xmas.

Poor Pimples...

PIMPLES?! A spot problem?!? I hear you ask. No, No this is the nickname for my cat. Sad, isn't it? His real name is Simba.. It kind of went like this... Simba, Simbles, Crinkles, Pimples... Unfortunately  it has stuck. We refer to our poor cat as pimples.. Please don't ring the RSPCA?! Anyway, he keeps getting into fights with a cat that hangs round our neighbourhood. We have taken to leaving a water spray near the door and if they are fighting we squirt them both until they stop. I absolutely hate when they fight, they're very vocal, they rip fur out and they make each other bleed *Makes sad face* Do any of you lovely lot know anyway we can keep these terrors apart?! Let me know if you have any tips please!!



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