Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The 5:2 Diet. Day 1. Eek!

On the 4/08/2012 I gave up smoking, So it's almost been a year, and I feel MUCH better for doing it. I gave up using an electronic cigarette and I didn't even have to use that for long. So as it is approaching a year, I figured it is time for another challenge... Shed the chub challenge!!

So today I have started the 5:2 diet. I won't go too much into detail about it as I'm sure most know what it is. It's a diet where for 5 days you eat your Total Daily Expenditure - which you can find here then for 2 non consecutive days you fast, and are only allowed 500 calories. You can read more about it here - 

I'm going to use my blog to document what I eat daily and hopefully help someone else that wants to do this diet.

For Breakfast 
Porridge (made with semi skimmed milk) with a pinch of salt.
Coffee with a splash of semi-skimmed milk.

 Unfortunately I didn't take a picture, because I forgot. Whoopsie!

Total 219 Calories

For Lunch 

A wholemeal bagel with a 80g tin of tuna in spring water (drained) A teaspoon of low fat mayo and 5 thin slices of cucumber.
6 silver skin pickled onions. 
With a glass of Robinson no added sugar pineapple and orange squash.

Total 353 Calories

For Dinner 
Yellow fin tuna steak - 100g
Baby new potatoes - 100g
Peas, Carrots and Green Beans - 135g
Teaspoon of Flora lighter then light mayo.
150ml Diet Coke.
Muller light Cherry yogurt.

Total 377 Calories

For Snacks
Dole peaches in strawberry jelly.
Weight Watchers Cheese puffs.
Chai tea latte (1/2 cup)

Total 217 Calories

Total Calories for the day - 1166


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