Friday, 19 July 2013

The 5:2 Diet. Day 3. (A Fast Day)

Not going to lie... Not been looking forwards to the fast days very much.. But it's suprising what you can eat with 500 cals!

For Breakfast.

This didn't go to plan really. I made myself a small watermelon, orange and grapefruit salad the night before. But when I woke up I wasn't that hungry so I decided to skip breakfast, save calories and just have a small coffee.

Coffee with skimmed milk.

For Lunch.

Low fat Mozzarella
Parma Ham
A tiny drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of oregano.
150ml Diet Coke.

Total Cals - 110.

For Dinner.

1 Chicken Breast.
1 medium noodle nest.
80g Tenderstem Broccoli.
Splash of Light soy sauce.

Total Cals - 285

For Snacks.

Coffee with milk.
Small homemade strawberry and banana smoothie.
Chewing Gum

Total Cals - 90

Total Daily Calories - 485


I TOTALLY had a special K bar just before bed. Moment of weakness, so I actually went over by about 70 calories.
I was really disappointed but after 'fessing up to my diet buddy and her telling me it could have been worse and it was my first fast so not to be too hard on myself, I decided she was right. and I still am proud of my first effort :D

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