Monday, 22 July 2013

5:2 Diet. Day 6.

I'm going to do a fast day tomorrow as I will be at work and then after work I will be Fairly busy. I'm hoping this will help a bit.

For Breakfast.

Coffee with milk
Cornflakes and Semi-Skimmed milk

 Total Calories - 193

For Lunch.

1 Warbuton Wholemeal Thin
Tuna in spring water, drained (80g tin)
Tsp Light Mayonnaise
Flora light.
Marbled Halva

Total Calories - 301

For Dinner.

Yellowin Tuna Steak 100g
Baby New Potatoes 100g
Farmhouse Vegetables.
Flora - Lighter the light margarine.
Total 0% Greek Yoghurt with Strawberry.

Total Calories - 417

For Snacks.

2 Grissini bread sticks.
Options coconut hot choc.
Alpen - Cherry bakewell bar
Weight watchers - Cheese puffs.

Total Calories - 313

Total Daily Calories - 1224

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