Saturday, 20 July 2013

The 5:2 Diet - Day 4

Today I was really naughty and skipped out on breakfast because I was just too busy. By the time lunch came around I was pretty hungry and then this happened....

For Lunch

Starbucks Light Mocha Frappuchino - Tall

1/2 a Starbucks choc chip muffin
Wholemeal Bagel
Dairylee light cheese triangle
Tea with milk and half a sweetener.

For Dinner

Chicken breast
Wholegrain Rice
1 tablespoon of BBQ sauce
Muller Light Turkish Delight Yogurt.

For Snacks

Galaxy Low Calorie Hot Choc
Weight watchers - cheese puffs
Peach and Apricot Special K bar.
2 x Coffee with milk

Total Daily Calories - 1254

Sooooo... Starbucks happened. I was disappointed and had a massive guilt trip half way through my muffin and threw it away. Not my finest hour. The calories in Starbucks food is SO high. the muffin was just over 400 Calories. And when I got home I was still hungry which is why I ended up also having a Bagel with cheese.

On the plus side - I was under my daily calorie goal, so haven't made the best food choices today but at least I haven't gone over.

ALSO - Starbucks bucks Light Mocha Frappuchino, no whip. - 110 Calories. Pretty good for a treat!

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