Monday, 22 July 2013

5:2 Diet. Day 5.

For Breakfast.

Coffee with milk
Porridge with a pinch of salt.

198 Calories.

For Lunch.

Heinz Tomato Soup for one.
2 Ryvita
Muller Light

328 Calories.

For Dinner.

Home made Spaghetti Bolognaise
Milky Bar Lolly.

515 Calories

For Snacks.

Weight Watchers Chesse Puffs
10 x Amarettini Cookies 
2x Coffee with milk

248  Calories

Total Daily Calories - 1289.

Even though the calories intake was within my target, I feel like I've cheated. Probably because I've had a fair amount of sweet things and coffees. Going to make a conscious effort to stick to max of 2 coffees a day and not snack on too many sweet things.

I have a really sweet tooth so I feel that once I've had something sweet I crave for more and more. 

 I actually have a food shop coming today, and I have put on some halva. My dad used to eat this and it's really nice. It's made from tahini paste. I've worked out if I cut it up into 15 pieces then it works out at 100 Cals a piece. Not bad going really.

I am a bit worried about the next week, as we have visitors and my MIL always says how much she loves my cooking, unfortunately she has a sweet tooth as well. We also always go out for a meal when she is down. This will be the ultimate test of my self control!

Wish me luck!!


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